Louise Rossetti: A Life Well Run

Louise Rossetti: A Life Well Run

There’s a special bond that exists between Life Choice Hospice teams and our patients. Our compassion and interest in each individual’s life story enables us to do what we love best – make patients as comfortable and happy as possible while creating memorable moments for them whenever we can.

Watch how our care teams go above and beyond to honor and inspire our patients, reminding them that they are truly loved every day.

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Making Each Moment Meaningful

To us, hospice care is not about the end of life, it is about inspiring life – making each moment meaningful.

While we provide the best possible physical care for patients, what makes us different is our approach. In fact, we try to set the standard for providing individualized care to our patients and families. We get to know them and learn what’s important to them.

We believe the key to excellent care lies in our patients’ life stories. Whether it’s providing a romantic dinner for a patient and spouse, helping a grandfather Skype (video conference) with his grandchildren in California, or honoring our World War II veterans, at Life Choice, we address the needs of the whole person by providing life-inspiring, individualized care.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Life Choice Hospice to provide individualized and highest quality care to patients who face a life-limiting illness. We extend our care, support and services to our patients, families and the communities in which they reside.  

Core Values

We achieve these goals by supporting our employees and collaborating with other healthcare providers. Enabling employees to make thoughtful decisions and focus on delivering high quality care drives our long-term success and allows our company to meet business expectations. We hold ourselves accountable to these standards.

We are a caring community. We approach each situation with the highest ethical standards, committed to compliant service delivery.

Connections by LifeChoice

Connections is a support program for individuals and families who are not yet physically or psychologically ready for hospice, but who could benefit from resources and support from a knowledgeable and compassionate professional team. 

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Tapestries by Life Choice

Tapestries by Life Choice is a hospice care program using multi-sensory stimulation and non-verbal communication to create memorable moments for Dementia patients and their families. Only seven percent of communication is verbal, with that understanding, we work to stimulate good memories through the senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight.

That might mean applying a familiar scent, a gentle hand massage with aromatherapy cream.

Is Hospice Right for You?

Hospice may be the right answer for many families who have a loved one facing a life-limiting illness. Hospice provides care, comfort and support when it is most needed. If you are unsure whether hospice care is the answer for you or someone you love, take a moment to complete our short survey.

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